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Home - 3,14

date. 2017

city. Thessaloniki

size. 150 x 80 x 120 cm

Home 1_edited.jpg

The artwork “Home” explores my personal relationship and experience of my home city Thessaloniki. The paper cut installation acts as a physical threshold, inviting the viewer to interact and move through it. Contrary to its strict, architectural form, the artwork reveals a fragile, yet fluid structure that represents an endless and complex urban sprawl. Moreover, it simulates the opposite meanings between structure - chaos, stability - flexibility, strength - fragility.

The motifs that form the buildings are de ned as passageways to the rest of the world. They are the thresholds we decide to pass, when we are ready to move from our personal safe space to the public space, and become part of a community. These thresholds mark a point of departure, and an opening to the possibilities of a new beginning. The artwork’s importance is in cultural association of different places and the passage from one city to another, creating a system of exchanging ideas and values.

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