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date. 2016-2017

city. Athens

size. 300 x 300 x 300 cm

Diorama 2.jpg

Diorama from the Greek words “δια” (through) and “όραμα” (vision), δια + όραμα > to view through. The artwork Diorama represents the connection of man with his natural environment through the production of puzzling paper installations. The rhythmic repetition of forms composes a three-dimensional ethereal world, inspired by naturally occurring curves we see in nature, exploring the meaning of humanity as an integral part of it. These repetitive paper patterns embody moments in life and nature that have an intention to transfigure with the passage of time. Alike the crashing waves in the sea, the moving clouds in the sky, the dry leaves dancing in the wind. The human eye can capture only a second of these satisfying animated moments, but the view- er in front of “Diorama” can retread these images by interacting and moving among the installation that oats in the centre of the room. Then he discovers an artificial and fluid environment developed within blurred boundaries, expressing a need for escapism and a symbolic spatial liberty. The white colour of the paper is homage to the use of white as an archetypical colour in a plethora of cultures. Through time it has signified harmony, light, perfection, innocence, truth, youth, sanctity, spiritual maturity and sensitivity. The use of paper as a raw material accentuates the connection to nature, since the porous surface resembles the feel of flower leaves. In terms of the designing structure, the end result is reached through experimentation and by using a combination of paper cutting and collage

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