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Synchronizing senses

date. 2023

city. Thessaloniki

size. 400 x 200 x 200 cm

materialpencil on paper, papercut, charcoal, fabric, gypsum, plastic, ink, headphones

audio/visual installation

Theano Giannezi 



Synchronizing senses

1. a state of balance and stability.
2. the balance system in humans located in the inner part of the ear (labyrinth) and along with the auditory system they contribute to a multi-sensory complex system.

The word "equilibrium" signifies the harmonious interplay between internal and external factors, while reflecting emotional well-being. Inspired both by biology and psychology, this project aims to balance the senses in a visual way, just as the labyrinth of the human ear contributes to our physical and emotional harmony.

Inspired by the quest for constant balance in life, this project is an artistic sanctuary where emotions find equilibrium. By combining descriptive imagery and brainwave simulation sounds, crafting a sensory symphony that explores the nuanced equilibrium. At its core, the exhibition revolves around the symbolism of the human ear. A layered array of ear depictions, crafted in diverse media, offering a raw yet captivating ensemble that adds depth, patterns and textures to the visual representation of sounds.

The sounds inside the room, blending binaural beats and frequencies, create a nearly ritualistic experience, offering a multi-sensory journey into the mind's inner functions - a unique exploration of balance within and around us.

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