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date. 2019

city. Art Display Windows of OTE, the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation, Thessaloniki

size. 800 x 280 x 80 cm

materialcharcoal on paper 260 g

gaia panorama copy.jpg
Gaia extra.jpeg

According to Greek Mythology, Gaia, from ancient Greek “Γαία”, is the initial deity of Earth and personification of life.
Using exclusively paper and charcoal, I created the image of a giant woman sleeping. A mythological and modern figure, she sleeps in the city centre between concrete buildings but no one bothers her. Consisted of drawing patterns inspired by the forms we see in nature and arranged into a conceptually layered paper installation, she creates artificial roots that entwines them in everything around her, to become part of it, to become part of us. She closes her eyes to open ours.

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