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Stone Memories

date. 2021

city. Manado, Sulawesi

size.  108 x 60 x 48 cm

material.  paper installation, bricks, light

Stone memories 4.jpg
Stone memories extra 7.jpg
stone memories extra 2.jpg
Stone memories 2 fix.jpg

Some Indonesian myths explain that the first human was born out of stone, and when he/she dies, people show their honor by building sarcophagus out of stone, called Waruga, as the last home of the diseased and a symbol life cycle. The house-shaped tomb symbolises protection and an eternal memory keeper, along with the enigmatic carved figures that have a means to glorify the divinity of their ancestral spirits. Furthermore, the way the de- ceased is placed inside the sarcophagus, resembles a baby inside the womb and plays a prominent role it bears the meaning of ending life in the same position as was born, from stone to stone.

The use of paper in my artwork creates a metaphorical representation of the fragile remains of Waruga and the cultural beliefs that are vanishing due to colonial occupation and religious doctrines. Contrary to the rigid properties of stones which are hereby transformed into a more vulnerable depiction.

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