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The Grid

date. 2017

city. Athens

size. 200 x 200 x 150 cm

material. paper

“The Grid” is a collaborative project between me as Art director and prop maker, the photographer Thomas Parpoulias and the model Victoria Yarovaya. My creations, act as garments, cocoons or visual networks. They can be fractals or sensoriums that in deeper meaning represent the complexity of life’s enclosed emotions. The irregular patterns consist of intersecting lines of varying thickness, which wrap around the silhouette’s body and protect it. My main focus is to transform the decorative prop- erties of the objects, and concentrate on artistically approaching them as works of art themselves. The artistic essence escapes the limits of a two-dimensional painting and expresses itself as a garment of asymmetrical lines. The Grid creates a sense of rhythm, dynamism and energy in an attempt to construct and deconstruct its con- formation.

Furthermore, the black and white colour is an emblematic juxtaposition to the duality and contrast in nature.

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